Travelling round English (for psychologists) - Irina Bolshakova, Eleonora Shabunina, Yulia Baturina, Nadezhda Kabanova

 Курс доступен гостю

This course is designed for the first year students of the faculty of psychology.

It is intended to be a SUPPLEMENTARY course to help students organize their learning and improve their skills, it also makes studying more interesting and effective.

You will find everything you need for doing homework the teacher gives you and for self-study.

The authors and teachers of the course are
Irina Bolshakova, assistant teacher
Eleonora Shabunina, assistant teacher
Yulia Baturina, assistant teacher
Nadezhda Kabanova, tutor of the project
project started 25 June, 2009

Курс доступен гостю  

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